SONIMA is always at your disposal, whether you need us at your site, your customer’s site or your supplier’s site. We are both reliable and flexible and focus on delivering customer satisfaction. In this way, we guarantee a continuous supply of inspected parts and so avoid any resulting disruption to your production process. To safeguard your processes, we support you from the receipt of goods via the firewall to the despatch of goods.

  • Assurance of continuous part flow 24/7
  • Sorting and rework as well as inspection of goods internally and externally
  • Preparation of checklists as well as work and test instructions
  • Visualisation of the test criteria
  • Process assurance

In accordance with your requirements, we sort, inspect and rework your products.

We also offer you the option of helping your staff prepare checklists, work and test instructions as well as documentation which can be used to avoid defects in future. We provide you with an evaluation of the inspected quantity and error patterns without delay in whatever form you require. In addition to the basic sorting analyses, we can also process the data for you using Pareto analysis for example. Finally, we would be happy to support you in defining and implementing measures to avoid defects in the long term.