Measuring Technology

SONIMA can inspect the accuracy of your parts and modules using various measuring techniques.

We have an air-conditioned, lead-lined measuring room with an integrated ZEISS Contura G2 3D measuring machine. The services offered range from tactile to scanning measuring techniques for:

  • Diameters
  • Linear dimensions, clearances
  • Angles
  • Geometric tolerances

Simulations can also be carried out using CAD data to measure the height of contour points and the design of complex components such as turbine housings and establish a target/actual comparison.

In addition to these future-oriented measuring techniques, we also offer a 2D profile projector which records the above-mentioned data for screw threads for example, using optical measuring. SONIMA can also measure weld penetration depth.

Our trained staff can also carry out measurements using outside or inside micrometers.

We would be happy to implement new measuring techniques for you in our processes.