Quality Services

As an automotive supplier certified according to IATF 16949, SONIMA can advise you on all quality issues and accompanies you on your way to zero-defect processes as well as supporting you in control, sorting and rework tasks.

Our range of services such as the tracking and evaluation of types and frequency of defect includes:

  • Point of contact for all quality issues in the automotive industry
  • 8-D, Pareto, Ishikawa and 5W analyses
  • Incoming goods inspections (CSL1/CSL2/CSL3 - activities) or firewalls
  • QS-relevant documentation and follow-up
  • Product inspections, functional test of your components or modules
  • Claims management
  • Process audits at your plant or that of your supplier
  • Internal and external quality controls
  • 3D measuring technology and laboratory
  • Special audits

Our competent staff are well-qualified and have many years of experience in the automotive sector.

Through specific quality control tests, we can confirm the effectiveness of your quality system and give your customers independent proof of the quality capability of your processes.

We carry out agreed product audits for you and would also be glad to take on your claims management.

All the equipment we use to measure and check quality is recorded by our CAQ system and is administered and coordinated there centrally.

The support we offer also includes time-based monitoring and evaluation of defined corrective measures.