SONIMA can take care of your transport requirements. By means of our EDI interfaces, we can receive your requests electronically and so manage deliveries, ensuring they are on schedule and carried out using the FIFO method. We can also explode the bills of material and manage entire modules for you. We can work together with you to develop an optimally coordinated delivery system. In this connection, we have the following systems at our disposal: E-kanban, Just in Time (JIT) or Just in Sequence (JIS). Our core activities are:

  • Freight handling - air and sea freight
  • Overland transport
  • Customs clearance
  • Material consolidation
  • Inspection of incoming goods

The control of your material flow is our top priority.

  • Production lead time and safety stock level
  • Optimal batch sizes
  • Minimum capital lockup

Your financial advantage, apart from the lower capital lockup, mainly lies in the reduction of administrative effort as material consolidation means you have a central contact person for many different parts at your side.