SONIMA carries out the kitting and repacking of your quality products sustainably and according to your needs. We offer you:

  • Coordinated packaging concepts
  • Database-backed traceability of goods
  • Web portal for smooth communication
  • Own pool of packaging materials
  • Kitting and management of customer packaging
  • Repairs and cleaning of packaging

We pack your goods in the exact quantities in the reusable containers provided for the purpose. Thanks to our continuous processes, package information can be traced back seamlessly to receipt of the goods.

As we have our own pool of packaging materials, we are able to react flexibly and in line with your requirements. Alternatively, you can provide us with the packaging and we will manage and coordinate it.

If you do not already have an ideal packaging concept for your goods, we would be happy to design one for you. In this connection, the focus is always on protecting the goods and the maximum utilisation of space. This saves valuable space and logistic costs are then reduced. 

As our company actively pursues environmentally friendly practices, we also repair and clean reusable packaging. We also arrange for disposable packaging to be processed for reuse. In this connection, the preferred form of reuse is recycling.