SONIMA is a global group of companies with a unique supply chain concept.

Besides SONIMA GmbH based in Göllheim (Germany), the SONIMA Group is also represented by branches in Sweden, Hungary, Poland, USA, China and India - a guarantee for short distances.

History of the SONIMA Group:

2005 Establishment of SONIMA GmbH in Kirchheimbolanden - Germany
2006 Start of operations: warehousing, repacking, sorting and reworking
2006 Implementation of industrial parts cleaning
2007 Procurement of parts for customers overseas, planning and scheduling, inspection of incoming goods, export
2008 Establishment of SONIMA AB - Sweden
2008 Start of assembly work
2009 Establishment of SONIMA Kft - Hungary
2010 Establishment of SONIMA Sp.z.o.o. - Poland
2011 Implementation of CNC machining
2012 New building for own production in Hungary
2014 Implementation of laser-welding technology
2014 Establishment of SONIMA Corp. - USA
2014 Establishment of sales offices in China and Indi
2014 Acquisition and occupation of new parent plant and main administration of SONIMA Group in Göllheim
2015 Takeover of Transcom Corp. Michigan – USA