SONIMA guarantees excellent quality standards from manual small series to automatic screw assembly.

Screw assembly is an important part of many assembly processes. In this area, we offer you:

  • Controlled and monitored electric screwdrivers
  • Screw feeding vibration channels
  • Automated and sensor-controlled screwing devices
  • Traceability of screwing processes

We use torque and angle-monitoring machines to guarantee error-free repetition even when several hundred thousand screwing processes are involved. The screws can be set up in vibration channels and are then automatically fed into the device. The integrated electric screwdrivers act both as assembly and monitoring devices and guarantee zero-defect production.

Our devices are locked and monitored by sensors and cameras and the parts are only released when all requirements have been met. At the same time, our smart systems technology can also monitor the screw sequence and screw-in depth.

The additional spot checks carried out by our qualified staff are designed to verify the breakaway torque or run-on torque and guarantee the safety of our screwing processes.