Press fit Operations

SONIMA’s press fitting services range from the assembly of the smallest pins to the fully automated press fitting of your components.

  • Hydraulic and pneumatic pressing
  • Caulking
  • Additional safeguards
  • Joining processes with nitrogen

We particularly focus on the long-lasting aspect of the press fit. In addition to caulking, SONIMA’s portfolio also includes the option of an additional locking pin as well as a chemical safeguard.

Our staff are experts when it comes to handling liquid nitrogen This allows prior shrinking of the parts for press fitting to meet the highest demands of the required fit.

An oil film is also automatically applied to achieve a perfect press fit. Depending on the application, press fitting can also be carried out as a dry process. SONIMA’s hydraulic or pneumatic machines can reach press fitting forces of up to 50 kN which, if required, can be checked using force and displacement monitoring during the process.